How to Hang Wired Art

Rocko and Spunky Interactive Wall Art

Hanging wired art is super easy! For artwork that is less then 10 pounds, we recommend using a thin nails and small hammer. Here we are using Quick Build 1 1/4 nails from Anawalt. But any thin nail will work

How to hang wall art

Locate the wire on the back of your piece, that is where your art work will hang from. 

D ring and wire

Hanging Idiot Box Art by the wire can be done in 2 easy steps.

  • Nail your thin nail into the wall
  • and hang!
No leveler is needed for these wood cutouts, their fun shapes can hang in any direction!
No nails? No problem! Idiot Box Art pieces are thankfully light enough to hang without a nail. 
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