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Wonder Woman Mini (2016) | Wall Art


 Wonder Woman

  • Approx. 12in x 15in
  • Mixed media on wood
  • Signed and dated 

 Twirl On My Haters original (pictured below) sold in 2016 ©Idiotboxart

Wonder woman

Additional Information: 
Will it be hard to hang?
We made things easy, your new piece will arrive ready to hang, all you will need a small nail or adhesive hook.
What happens if my art gets dusty?
Wipe down with a microfiber towel and your piece will be as good as new.
Will this always be available?
No, everything is limited edition, snag the ones you love while you can!


Give Idiot Box Art 1-30 business days to create your piece. And a little extra time for the shipping process.

Idiot Box Art international orders may incur additional fees.